We have adopted these Fundamental Priciples of The Patriots Union :


Personal Freedom – Individual Liberty – State Sovereignty and Rights – An unalienable Right to Life -Free-Market Economics – The Bill of Rights – The US Constitution as written and ratified – National – Sovereignty and Security – Color Blind Justice and the Rule of Law – Our Declaration of Independence -A right to work, earn and own – A morally and ethically sound society and government


1) We are an organization of professionals who at all times act in a professional manner.

2) We call for peaceful actions, with the law and the constitution on our side.

3) We DO NOT need or desire violent actions and will NOT sanction any form of violence.

4) We never ask if, but how.

5) We always intend to finish what we start.

6) We want to have our say, but will defend the right of others, to have their say as well.

7) We will resist all efforts to escalate a situation to violence.

8 ) We will watch out for each other, and de-escalate a situation before it becomes violent.

9) We will not stoop to the ill behaviors of others. We will stay on the high ground.

10) We will use only minimal force to end a confrontation when all else has failed.

11) We will speak clearly, concisely and factually at all times.

12) We will clean up after ourselves when gathering in public places.

13) We will self-police our behaviors and that of our fellow patriots at all times.

14) We will be part of the solution, never part of the problem.

15) A right to self-defense is essential to liberty. But we will not initiate violence. 


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