A Bedtime Story… With a Twist

A bedtime story to tell your children and grandchildren….



Once upon a time, there was a Nation of citizens United. The United States of America was the light of the world, a land of Liberty, brazen and brave were the men and the women. The children grew up safe and proud to be the Sons and Daughters of Freedom. We honored our military, we shot for the moon, we beat socialism, communism, and fascism to a pulp, and we thanked the God of heaven for every breath we breathed.

We learned at 5 years old that daddies came home filthy, covered in coal dust, rust, sweat, mud, and grime so that we all had food on our table and a roof over our head. And by 10 years old, we knew that daddy would never ask the government for a single dime after he lost his job building houses. Nope, instead, he showed us that we could make ends meet, we just needed to work harder and earn less, live a little lighter, and never stop loving each other… And by 13, daddy’s prayers were answered, and he started a new and better job. He taught us to keep fighting, and eventually whatever it was that was kicking you down would get tired and give up, if you just keep fighting…

And mommy, the most understanding, patient woman I will ever know. She worked 2 jobs at the diner and the Dollar General to help daddy put food on the table. And just so we could spend time together, we all gathered in the kitchen every night to cook supper together, and then eat it at the table. After daddy went back to work, mommy quit one job and started going to night school. That was hard, but she said she wanted a better life for us. She studied accounting, and daddy moved up in his new company and became a supervisor. Times were good! All of us graduated high school, accepted scholarships, and turned down the government grants. We inherited mom and dads work ethics… and family values.

But somewhere along the line, the world around us changed… The government said there would be no more prayer in school. And then the pledge of allegiance was removed. Abortion became the number one cause of death in the United States with over 4,000 a day and 55 million in less than 50 years. The moon was just a glowing object in the sky, and our armed services were turned into police officers. Bacon and Bibles were considered “inflammatory” while the so-called religion of peace, Islam, gathered protection by law.

Mommies and daddies were replaced by daddies and daddies, and mommies and mommies… And a socialist president was elected. The United Nations was granted control of America’s land, water, and natural resources under something called Agenda 21, and American citizens who defied the Socialist regime were imprisoned indefinitely under a law called NDAA. Many good-hearted people were never heard from again, but there are still, even today, small pockets of American Patriots who still fight for the foundation our forefathers laid for us… The United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And we still hold dearly to this book right here…. The Holy Bible.

Most people could not afford their homes anymore, and eventually had to live in tents, or under old abandoned houses. Food was to expensive to buy anymore because of a company called Monsanto, and from all the weather modification that had caused horrible devastation and eventually severe drought across the nation. But some Patriots learned how to survive off of what was left of the land and water. After drilling for oil was banned, and the stock market crashed, paper money was worthless. A gallon of gas cost nearly $100 under the new currency, and a gallon of clean water cost upwards of $60… More and more people began to live and die on the city streets.

Eventually famine gave way to disease as several pandemics began to cover the planet. A super influenza and a mutated form of E.Coli killed most of the exposed… Listeria and Ebola finished off millions more. Of course, the elite that caused the downfall of America and inevitably the world, were safely underground. Living in massive underground shelters beneath the Rockies, the Himilaya’s and several other ranges…

But anyway, it’s time to blow the candle out and get ready for bed. But make sure you wash up and don’t forget to clean your weapons so that they are ready for tomorrow. You know what I always tell y’all…. “The early bird gets the worm!”

G’night my children, God Bless you and keep you… Tomorrow is a new day :)


(This story was written by MJ Richardson, March 15, 2012)