There is no “Big Brother”…

   Let’s face it…
   We are certifiably insane. By “we” I mean us Patriots, Revolutionaries, Conspiracy Theorists, Right Wing Christian Conservatives, Far Right anti-establishment zealots, etc…  We have been screaming the same thing for decades, and it has made us crazy. Bear with me, I beg of you. please keep reading, as there is a point to my rambling.
   More than 30 years ago we told society that George Orwell had it right. And as 1984 came and went, the power elite sat quietly and didn’t interfere with our rampant raging. We told the world that Big Brother was systematically setting up a worldwide monitoring platform. The mainstream called us idiots. Now, today we have traffic cameras to mail you a ticket, satellites that can read the fortunes you just pulled from a cookie, and policing agencies such as the CIA, NSA, STATE POLICE, LOCAL POLICE, CHINESE CYBER TERRORISTS, and others reading your email as you open it. The worlds fastest computer resides in a building run by the NSA and is called ESCHELON is “trained” to pull digital and electronic data from the air in order to listen to and record select conversations. Algorithm s designed by DOD computer scientists and implemented by Google and Apple are trained to track and record your every keystroke. All of these things are no longer speculation, but rather admitted and proven facts… we are crazy.
   We said the Government would utilize tragedies in order to snatch away God-given rights. During Hurricane Katrina and for nearly 5 years afterwards, National Guard troops patrolled, harassed, interrogated, seized firearms, and killed in cold blood the citizens of New Orleans. Now with the tragedy of Sandy Hook, bills are floating through many state legislatures and thenUS Congress to subvert the Second Amendment. One bill in Washington State right now would actually authorize police to annually enter citizens homes without a warrant to search for firearms. The Liberal Media, led by the British Socialist Piers Morgan, who incidentally fled Britain to avoid prosecution for illegal wire tapping and hacking, has demonized the Second Amendment and called for the murder of gun enthusiasts openly on his television show. Yet we are the evil ones…
   We warned about socialized banking and healthcare, and here we are in 2013 with Obamacare taking hold of every American citizen. Not only does it mandate that everyone must buy an expensive product, but that by not doing so will cause financial and physical harm to the non-compliant. By not purchasing the mandated health insurance, you can be fined heavily (taxed) and even imprisoned for tax evasion if you refuse to pay the tax. The Government is so serious about this that they have hired an additional 45,000 IRS agents and armed them to enforce the Obamacare mandates. And we are crazy…
   We warned America about the dangers of removing Prayer from school. That separation of church and state was not meant to limit the excersize of religion but to limit the governments interference in religious beliefs and practices. Now it is illegal to pray in school (unless you practice Islam) yet most high schools and even some junior high schools teach and even demonstrate how to properly put on a comdom. For some odd reason our children now believe that safer sex is better than not having sex. And why should we expect our teens and preteens to not have sex? After all, everything from cereal commercials to shampoo commercials are advertised with blatant sexual innuendo. But we are crazy…
   We warned of the declining and worthless American dollar. Not only is it not backed by gold or silver anymore, but it costs more to manufacture the specialized paper and ink and run it through the press than the buying power it symbolizes. Nowadays, our dollar is backed by bonds from foreign investors, usually in the form of property and manufactured goods. Imagine what America loses if and when we default. The truth of the matter is this; the property you “own” actually belongs to a corporation. In fact, through the Social Security Administration and the treasury bond that is you birth certificate, you belong to a corporation. The name of that corporation? The United States of America, INC… Yet we were the crazy ones for warning you.
   In most cities and even some small towns, every move you make throughout the day is documents by cameras of business, stop lights, and random checkpoints. Your monetary transactions are video taped, recorded by your financial institution, scrutinized by the IRS, and catalogued by analysts and set to algorithm s for personalized advertising. We told you this would happen, and for telling you the truth, we are crazy…
   We told you the Government left unchecked by the people, entrusted to career politicians and community activists, driven by their own social agendas and backed by overseas banks and insurance companies, as well as secretive elitists would lead to one world governed by a power elite. And even though you are looking at it all today, as it takes place… We are still crazy…
   Fair enough, I will accept that charge, but if I accept the charge of insanity, in the face of all the ever present facts, then you too must admit to some things…
   You must admit that even though you acknowledge all these things as fact, you are just to complacent to give a damn. You are comfortable with your children living in the near future in a place that 30 years ago, we warned you about. You must face the demon that will become the next 30 years. Until then, keep living in your dream world…. Where there is no Big Brother!


The Aftermath of the Aurora Shooter

   A lot will continue to be spoken and written over the coming weeks months and even years concerning the shooting massacre in Aurora, Colorado. This tragedy has left a horrible mark on the lives of many, and when all is said and done it will affect a nation. It has taken the lives of twelve, including a six year old, changed the lives of
fifty-nine, brought heartache to the families of the casualties and impacted a community.
   Immediately following the shooting, mainstream media began the blame game, thereby forgetting what was immediately clear. The fact that a deranged young man killed or injured seventy people. The mainstream media immediately attempted to take the responsibility of of the individual and place it onto a group. Not just any group, but a political group, the Tea Party. Later research actually shows that the shooter is actually a registered democrat, outspoken Obama supporter, and a member of the infamous Black Bloc. Yet, trying to seize the moment, Brian Ross and George Stephanopoulos of ABC used this horrific event as a means to attack the political right.
   The aftermath of the victims and their families and the wonderful community of Aurora seemed less “news worthy” than attacking people who had nothing to do with the incident. Media, once again, shunned the concept of personal responsibility in favor of political agenda. But then it dawned on me! This massacre is a literal wet dream for the “gun-grabbers”! So of course they will jump on it! With Secretary of State Hilary Clinton scheduled to sign the UN Small Arms Treaty on July 27, this shooting, only one week before the signing, would give the left plenty of ammunition to justify a second amendment violation. Already, several Republican Senators are using those taboo words: Gun Control. So the far-reaching aftermath is becoming apparent.
   Terms and phrases that have been used a lot on the news are:
Gun control
High capacity magazines
Ordered over the internet
Purchased legally
Time to address America’s love affair with guns
Begin to at least limit access to large quantities of ammunition

And the list goes on.

   So the aftermath will be Hilary signing the treaty, and that will stop nearly all purchases online involving ammunition and firearms accessories. A general banning on all firearms with magazine capacities of more than three rounds, a national registration law, the end of concealed carry and open carry, and a referendum on ammunition and the amount an individual is allowed to purchase.
   This individuals action will end with a Nation being punisbed and the Second Amendment being all but removed.