STOP THE VOTE! The New Message of American Media

During the 2008 Presidential election, around half of all NASCAR fans did not vote ( statistics here ). Well, this year a young man, Rookie Driver Blake Koch, was featured in a promotional video for his sponsor, Rise up and Register , admitting even he was guilty of not voting. So Rise Up and Registers Mission this year is to get 1 million new registered voters. The 30 second ad however, was pulled by ESPN on the grounds of “Religious Views”… So let’s take a look at what really happened…

Let’s begin with the video itself…


Between January, 2009, and March, 2010, Media Audit, a company that
collects audience data for media companies, conducted a major survey.
From those results, it may appear that followers of NASCAR are
centrist. However, remember that many older voters, especially many in the
South, are registered Democratic, even though they usually vote Republican.
Also remember that 2009 was not a good year for Republicans. The Great
Recession had begun the year before, and many blamed it on George W.
Bush. Also, many voters were displeased that the Iraq and Afghanistan wars
had persisted for so long. Consequently, if a group in 2009 was
approximately evenly split between the two parties, then that group was likely
more conservative than a cross-section of the U.S.
The survey contained approximately 113,000 respondents. Of these,
approximately 26,000 (23%) indicated that they follow NASCAR on TV or
radio. Of these NASCAR followers, 30.08% identified themselves as
Republicans and 29.83% as Democrats. Thus, of the NASCAR followers
who identified with one of the two main parties, 49.79% ( 29.83 / [30.08 +
29.83] ) identified as Democrats.

Now on to the topic…

Blake Koch is an outspoken Christian, who had to fight tooth and nail for sponsorship, and an admitted procrastinator when it came to voting. When you look at the NASCAR nation, literally millions of Americans, it would be easy to assess that this is probably a group that could be listed as VERY unhappy with the POTUS concerning many issues including his Energy Policies. After all, you cannot truly appreciate a race if the Prius or the Volt becomes the model for racing! Not to mention, if you think $4.00 per gallon for regular gasoline is high, imagine the impact of gas prices on racing fuel… Of course they can afford it, but when something costs more, then ticket prices cost more. If ticket prices cost more, then eventually you run into a major obstacle. What happens when “Joe the Plumber” cannot afford to take his family to a race? You get the point…

So why would ESPN block a promo video for one of NASCARS most impressive “impact” drivers? After all, You attract new and younger viewers, by front-lining new and charismatic drivers. Well, it boils down to politics, of course!

ESPN, the “world leader in sports” is owned by ABC. ABC is owned by Walt Disney… Walt Disney is publicly traded (DIS) on the NYSE, so it is therefore owned by millions of stockholders. However, Disney is a VERY heavy hitter when it comes to political strong-arming through lobbyists. They also contribute a significant amount of money to campaigns. In the 2008 campaign cycle, Disney contributed over a million dollars to congressional candidates, 73% of them democrats, up from 58% democratic in 2007. At least since 1990, Disney has contributed between 500,000 and over $1 million to political campaigns, with democrats tending to get more than republicans, though how much so varies from year to year.

Barack Obama’s campaign received more than any other from Disney in 2008, nearly a quarter of a million dollars. Walt Disney Company gave $367,500 to federal candidates in the 05/06 election cycle through its own Political Action Committe (PAC) . The company’s gifts to Al Gore and his wife during his presidential campaign violated the Ethics in Government Act and he was seen regularly with then-Disney chairman Michael Eisner while the company was attempting to garner support for a new theme park.

So Disney LITERALLY has a controlling stock in American Politics, and through it MANY media outlets it is able to portray and control how it wants the public to view various things. By simply WITHHOLDING the side that Disney does NOT want to be seen by the public, they steer the masses like seasoned cowboys. If they “cut off” this route, they are able to steer the herd onto another path.


In 2011, Disney decided it does NOT want you and I to know where it sends it’s campaign contributions, nor do they want you to know how much! Disney admits it funneled $3.6 million into local and state campaigns last year, but doesn’t clarify where that money went, today’s report says.

That number is only likely to climb in years to come thanks to the Supreme Court’s Citizen United case, the much-derided decision finding that corporations are actually people with first-amendment rights that can’t be infringed upon with campaign financing rules.

Disney’s full spectrum of media control is beyond imagination. In television alone, Disney is able to corral most the largest liberal cities in America. Here is a short list of their properties, and I will include a link to the full list:

TelevisionABC-Owned Television Stations GroupWLS (Chicago, IL)WJRT (Flint, MI)KFSN (Fresno, CA)KTRK (Houston, TX)KABC (Los Angeles, CA)WABC (New York, NY)WPVI (Philadelphia, PA)WTVD (Raleigh-Durham, NC)KGO (San Francisco, CA)WTVG (Toledo, OH)Disney ABC Television GroupABC Television Network (ABC Daytime, ABC Entertainment, and ABC News)ABC FamilyABC StudiosA&E Television Networks (42.1%)The Biography Channel (42.1%)Disney ABC Domestic TelevisionDisney ABC International TelevisionDisney-ABC-ESPN TelevisionDisney Channel Worldwide (Disney XD, Playhouse Disney, Jetix, and ABC Kids)History (formerly The History Channel) (42.1%)History International (42.1%)HungamaLifetime Entertainment Services (42.1%)SOAPnetDisney Junior (Flanders and the Netherlands)ESPN, Inc. (80%)ESPN (and and ClassicESPN DeportesESPNEWSESPNUESPN EnterprisesESPN InteractiveESPN InternationalESPN Mobile PropertiesESPN on DemandESPN PPVESPN Regional Television


So, in the grand scheme of things, Disney does NOT want MORE people to regisister to vote, because THAT would mean a majority of those people may very well register Repuclican!


Nascar reportedly has over 75 million fans. That sounds like way too many to believe but NASCAR has statistical research backing up its claim dating back as far as 2001. 

Now IMAGINE those 75 million (HALF of which did NOT vote in 2008) were to go to the polls this year! Obama, might very well be in trouble!

Thanks for choosing to do your own research by coming to this link. Listening to, and following the mainstream media has become hazardous to America’s health. There are many bloggers out in cyberspace, and unless the government flips the kill switch, then “We The People” will continue to expose the truth, and keep Corporations and PAC’s from covering it up!

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