The Facts Will Always Tell On You… Obama

Maybe you have friends that lean to the Liberal Left… Maybe when you talk about Obama’s crimes, and his controversial Birth certificate, the 16 SS numbers, communist ties, etc…, your Liberal friends become irritated. Maybe because all of that doesn’t seem to pose itself as fact to them….
Let’s assume for a moment that NONE of that is true. (Just bear with me…)

Maybe your friends are rational people, or maybe they like Obama simply because he is a democrat? Or maybe they do not have anything that they see as factual to sway their vote against him? Maybe they believe that this IS all Bush’s fault, and Obama is not required to take ANY responsibility for his own Presidency…
Well then, just present them with a tiny handful of PROVEN FACTS that they can Google and check for themselves. INDISPUTABLE FACTS:

• Jobs: The president has presided over the loss of 2.2 million jobs.(based on Bureau of Labor Statistics data )
• Debt: Obama has increased taxpayer debt by $4.2 trillion. Every day, the nation runs a deficit of $4.2 billion.( CBS News Reports )
• Foreclosure and Bankruptcy: 2.4 million homes have been foreclosed on. Homeowners and businesses have declared 4 million bankruptcies.( CHAPA Statistics )
• The Stimulus: Obama promised that his $787 billion stimulus would save or create 3.5 million jobs by the end of 2010. He came up 7.3 million jobs short of his goal, according to the Heritage Foundation. ( Heritage Foundation )
• Healthcare: Obamacare did not reduce healthcare costs as promised and is in fact responsible for increasing costs in 2011. Health insurance premiums are up 13 percent. ( Healthcare costs rise under Obama )
• Poverty: Nearly 3 million more Americans live in poverty than did before Obama took office. ( US Census reports 1 in 6 live in poverty under Obama )

People who like Obama “JUST because”, will still vote Obama “JUST BECAUSE”… Rational people who UTILIZE information as a basis for decisions they make in their daily lives, no matter how liberal they are, will look at the facts and make their Presidential decision based on the information provided. People whose only argument for Obama’s failure as POTUS is based on the “inherited this from Bush” concept are usually people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions anyway.
A good example of this kind of person would be this:
Boss, “Tom, we hired you because you said that you would assemble 100 computers per month…”
Tom, “Well Boss, I don’t see anyone here assembling 100 per month…”v
Boss, “But Tom, your job performance is your job performance, no one elses…”
Tom, “well it’s not my fault that you hold me to a higher standard than others…”
Boss, “Tom, you were hired to help this company to grow and do a better job than man you replaced. So far, you haven’t helped us to grow, in fact since I pay you more than your predecessor and you produce less than he did, you have actually hurt the company rather than help it…”
Tom, “well it’s not my fault he set yall back and you had to hire me to fix it. It’s going to take some time, but if you give me a raise, I can fix a lot of what he screwed up!”
Reelecting Obama is like giving this employee a raise and another chance… Based on his poor and defeating job performance.

What would most Supervisors do at this point? Would he give the man the raise and hope for the best? Or would he fire the man and start over, this time with someone who has a resume based on success and comes not only qualified, but also with positive recommendations?

If your liberal friend cannot see the logic in NOT rehiring Barack Hussein Obama, they they are not voting based on what is best for the United States of America, they are voting on what they believe is best for the Democratic Party. And THIS writer does not see how ANY true Democrat could look another Democrat in the eyes and say, “Obama is the best man for the job…”

The fact of the matter is that Obama has not only been an embarrassment for his party, but he has also weakened this company called the United States of America.

We cannot rewrite history. The facts will ALWAYS tell on themselves. We cannot erase this Presidents tenure and the damage he has caused. We must apologize to our children for what we have allowed to happen on our watch, and do as we have taught them! LIVE AND LEARN! Learn from these mistakes, and use them to make better choices immediately and in the future. Use these mistakes that we have made in the same manner that our forefathers learned from the mistakes they made in the early days of this Republic. If we learn from these mistakes, then we have used them to grow and become a better Nation.!


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